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Financial Education Webinar Recap — 

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) hosted a free webinar on December 14 on financial education best practices for Iowa credit unions. You can follow the half-hour archived session and the accompanying slides to get a little perspective from presenter Adam Carroll, ICUF Financial Education Consultant.

Adam discussed how the financial education system will be easier moving forward, provided examples of successful financial education programs and offered some immediate action items to boost your current marketing and promotion.

A few takeaways:

Really Know Your Members. You credit union's membership is built up of a wide variety of demographics and backgrounds, so your financial education efforts can't be a "one-size-fits all" brochure.

The Need Is There. People across the country falling victim to credit card debt, foreclosures, empty savings accounts and inadequate retirement planning. Now, they are craving financial education and that's where Iowa credit unions come in.

Content is Still King. Adam pointed out that one of the key drivers of financial education is the information that's available to your members. While flashy graphics and designs may increase traffic to your credit union, it is in fact the good information and connections made with the member that ultimately make it most valuable.

Learn more by viewing the archived webinar and downloading the PDF slides from the PowerPoint presentation. The presentation provides some great examples relevant to our ongoing financial education initiatives.

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