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Biz Kid$ Films at Two NY CUs - Youth Financial Education PBS Show Shoots Segment for Season Five — 

December 9, 2011

Contact: Christopher Morris
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Biz Kid$ Films at Two NY CUs
Youth Financial Education PBS Show Shoots Segment for Season Five

Madison, Wis. – In a segment on understanding a line of credit and where they are available, Biz Kid$ recently filmed at Actors Federal Credit Union and Montauk Credit Union in New York, N.Y. The segment was filmed for an episode from Season five of Biz Kid$, which is the Emmy Award winning and credit union funded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship.

The Biz Kid$ segment features Susie Levitt and Katie Shea, who are young entrepreneurs and owners of City Slips, their company which sells folding “ballet slipper” style shoes that fold up and fit in a small pack that then expands out to become a tote that holds the heels. As they’ve been expanding their business, Levitt and Shea are now looking to better control their cash flow with the help of a business line of credit.

In the episode, Levitt and Shea visit Actors Federal Credit Union and Montauk Credit Union to compare what each offers with a line of credit to better educate themselves and viewers. They compare interest rates, repayment terms, and if minimum balances were required. Aside from learning that a line of credit is just one of the many services a credit union has to offer, viewers also learn that not only does a line of credit help with cash flow, but it also helps a business establish good credit which can help with future loans.

Fundraising is currently underway to achieve full funding for the upcoming fifth season, which will also put Biz Kid$ into syndication. The National Credit Union Foundation oversees the fundraising, outreach and administrative responsibilities of Biz Kid$.

Biz Kid$ - Teaching Kids about Money & Business
Biz Kid$, which premiered in January 2008, quickly grew into a national phenomenon. It has aired on over 340 public television stations in all 50 states with a viewership reach of 271 million people. Biz Kid$ has the highest recorded carriage of any children’s program have ever released by American Public Television, with a viewing audience of more than 1.2 million per episode. The website is currently receiving more than 100,000 unique visitors a month hailing from about 140 countries. For more information about Biz Kid$ click here.

Over the past six years, over 260 credit union system and affiliates have raised more than $10.4 million that has supported the show’s production, website and curriculum. In fact, every Biz Kid$ episode begins and ends with a narrator reminding viewers that: “Production funding for Biz Kid$ is provided by America’s Credit Unions, where people are worth more than money.” Credit unions can get information on supporting Biz Kid$ at ncuf.coop>National Programs>Biz Kid$>Support Biz Kid$.

* Note to Editors: A high-resolution screenshot is available here: http://resource.cuna.org/dl/f1208PyKIJi.jpg 


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