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United Way Partners with Banks and Credit Unions to Help Low-Income Families — 

United Way Partners with Banks and Credit Unions to Help Low-Income Families

In an effort to help over 1,400 households become financially stable, it is important that we help low-income families develop financial management skills and access financial mainstream services.

United Way invited local financial institutions to explore this need. Ten financial institutions participated in learning more about the need and all 10 institutions said yes, we would like to partner with United Way to help low- income household’s access financial mainstream services.

We appreciate the partnership of these 10 institutions and their willingness to explore how they can have a direct influence in helping low-income households become financially stable. The financial institutions include:

Bankers Trust, Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust, Collins Community Credit Union, Community First Credit Union, Dupaco Credit Union, Famers State Bank, Liberty Bank, Iowa Credit Union Foundation, Linn Area Credit Union, Veridian Credit Union and Wells Fargo.

I welcome other financial institutions who are interested in becoming involved in this solutions building to contact me at jstoffel@uweci.org or (319)398-5372 ext. 25.

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