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Iowa’s Ascentra CU Wins $10,000 To Fund Financial Ed Programs — 

Iowa’s Ascentra CU Wins $10,000 To Fund Financial Ed Programs

Credit Union Journal Daily Briefing | Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BETTENDORF, Iowa – Ascentra CU was awarded $10,000 through two grants to help advance its financial education efforts in 2012.

The funds will be used for real-world financial literacy programs such as “Banzai!” The grants were provided by the National CU Foundation and the Iowa CU Foundation.

Banzai had been requested by 19 area teachers in 2011, and Ascentra said it plans to at least double that to 35-42 teachers.

Some of the schools that have used Banzai include Davenport North High School, Assumption High School, Williams Intermediate School, Rock Island High School, Moline High School and Prince of Peace High School.

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