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Iowa Credit Union Foundation Receives $20,000 Donation in Memory of Warren Morrow
Iowa Credit Union Foundation Receives $20,000 Donation in Memory of Warren Morrow  — 

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation is pleased to announce it has received a $20,000 contribution from Affiliates Management Company, the holding company of the Iowa Credit Union League, in honor of Warren Morrow, the late CEO and Founder of Coopera.

“Warren had a tremendous impact on all of us and the credit union industry. Beyond Coopera, the company he founded and led, one of the most significant legacies he left us is undoubtedly in the Iowa Credit Union Foundation,” said Patrick S. Jury, CEO, AMC and Iowa Credit Union League. Coopera is part of AMC’s family of operating companies.

Warren was instrumental in ICUF’s ability to obtain a $428,323 grant that provided matching funds to launch Iowa’s first Credit Union Individual Development Account (IDA) program and created ICUF’s first Executive Director position five years ago, said Jury. In addition, Warren’s wife Christina Fernandez-Morrow currently serves as an ICUF board member.

“The Foundation would not be where it is today without Warren’s talents and vision,” said Marybeth Foster, Executive Director of ICUF. “Warren dedicated his life to helping the underserved, and this very generous gift from ICUL and AMC will be used to keep his spirit alive through the Foundation and our efforts to improve the financial lives of Iowans in need. The gift is an overwhelming and fitting tribute to Warren. We are all better people for having worked with and known him.”

Warren, a native of Mexico, dedicated his life to helping the underserved Hispanic community achieve financial stability in Iowa and throughout the U.S. In 1999, he and his Grinnell classmates founded the Latino Leadership Project to help Latino high school students in Des Moines strive and reach higher education. Later, he transitioned the organization to Partners in Economic Progress. After co-founding Diverse Innovative Solutions, he started Coopera with the Iowa Credit Union League in 2006 to help credit unions grow their Hispanic market presence and create more banked families within Latino communities across the country. Warren passed away unexpectedly on February 15. He is survived by his wife Christina Fernandez-Morrow and 7-year-old daughter Ariana.

“Warren touched many lives and believed deeply in helping Hispanics receive dignified financial services. It was through his passion that Coopera was started, and his drive made Coopera the well-respected, successful entity it is today,” said Murray Williams, Coopera’s interim CEO. “The Coopera team is committed to carrying Warren’s vision for the company forward and will continue to provide service to the credit union movement in his honor.”

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