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Announcing the Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship — 
Iowa Credit Union Foundation
Announcing the
Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) is pleased to announce it is renaming the "Family Involvement Board (FIB) Scholarship" to the "Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship" in celebration of Warren's life and achievements.

Warren Morrow was a visionary in the credit union industry and Hispanic community, who passed away unexpectedly in early 2012 at the age of 34. Warren founded Coopera in 2006 in partnership with the Iowa Credit Union League. In 2007, Warren helped secure funding for ICUF, including its Individual Development Account program to help low-income families build financial assets.

Warren dedicated his life and career to helping the underserved. He was an advocate for empowerment through education and financial advancement. Warren valued education and wanted people to have opportunities. He strongly believed in the credit union movement as the avenue for financial advancement for many.

WAM Scholarship Poster 2013 The Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship will maintain the criteria and process established for the FIB Scholarship. This year's essay question is:

Given the fragile state of our national economy, with record unemployment and deficits, describe how having an emergency savings account is more
crucial than ever.
How might someone utilize their credit union to focus on saving?

Download the following materials:

*    2012 Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship Application
*    2012 Warren A. Memorial Scholarship Poster

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