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ICUF Financial Education Audio CD Program Now Available! — 

ICUF Financial Education Audio
CD Program Now Available!

We understand launching a financial education initiative is a challenge.

Questions abound about the effectiveness, who's going to run it, where is the money coming from, and the most obvious: Where do we start?

ICUF CD Label Whether you consider your financial education completely in place, limping along, or needing resuscitation, ICUF has developed a program to help you advance the cause, lower your average member age and provide tremendous resources to your members. All while taking the pressure off of YOU to create something that works.

While not all marketing is education, ALL education is marketing.

Most likely, you have money in your budget for things like marketing, advertising, and purchasing swag like stress balls, bags and pens for member giveaways. While all have their place, there is an effective way to combine freebies, marketing and financial education all in one. 

ICUF, in partnership with its financial education consultant, Adam Carroll, is launching a financial education program designed with your membership in mind. 
  • Four new audio programs are available with content targeted to your members and their children.
  • The product is a professionally-recorded, produced, packaged and shrink-wrapped audio CD housed in a DVD case.
  • Your credit union's name will be prominently displayed on the front with a "compliments of..." printed directly on the case.
  • Inside the DVD case, a letter from your credit union's CEO describing your credit union's commitment to bettering the lives of your members will be professionally printed and inserted in the product.
Download the information form today!

Your credit union can hand them out to members at branches, events and annual meetings.

order nowIn turn, you get: 
  • A viral way of spreading the message about your credit union.
  • Members who are exposed to high-quality financial education content.
  • An "out of the box" solution to the financial education question.
  • A professional, fun giveaway for branch events, new account signups, etc.
  • A way to get a foot in the door at local high schools and colleges. 
Credit unions with assets of $25 million or less will receive a 25 percent discount on orders!

ICUF's mission is to advance the amount and quality of financial education being provided to credit union members across the state. By participating in this education program you can accomplish the goals of your credit union and the goals of ICUF by creating a more educated member base at an affordable cost. 


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