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Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Money Savvy Symposium May 2 — 

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend the
Money Savvy Symposium on May 2

Registration is open for the 2013 Money Savvy Symposium, set for May 2 in Des Moines. Here's why you should make plans to be there:

  1. Signature financial education event. The Money Savvy Symposium has evolved into the Iowa Credit Union Foundation's premier educational event with interactive sessions and roundtable discussions to provide peer-to-peer networking. 
  2. Adam Carroll, financial education consultant and author of Winning the Money Game, will lead attendees through rapid learning techniques in this hands-on workshop. Adam has spent more than 15 years in financial education. His passion is helping people live the life they were destined to live by taking control of their finances once and for all. Click for more information and a sampling of his previous presentations
  3. This is for all levels of staff, from member service reps to loan offers to CEOs. The day-long conference is designed to help everyone increase their skills to assist members with their financial management concerns. 
  4. ICUF listened to you! Compiling the requests and ideas from credit unions, ICUF and the Iowa Credit Union League developed this tactical and strategic session to help you educate your members on financial education. This session will help you identify cross selling opportunities based on credit score and credit report information and ways to improve your members' credit score.
  5. It's all about building and using your network. Credit unions get an opportunity to work together in order to help their members. Mark your calendars for the symposium on May 2!

Check the registration website for an updated agenda, information and registration.

The registration deadline is Monday, April 29!

Cost: $349; small credit union discounts will apply. Use the following discount codes:
0975IA - 75% discount ($0 - $9.6 million in assets); 0950IA - 50% discount ($9.7 - $14.7 million in assets); 0925IA - 33% discount ($14.8 - $19.8 million in assets); 0925IA - 25% discount ($19.9 - $24.9 million in assets)

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