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Broke, Busted and Disgusted Shown at 80 High Schools to Date — 

Thank you to the Iowa credit unions who have provided or pledged support to help distribute Adam Carroll's Broke, Busted and Disgusted documentary to every Iowa high school. To date, 11 credit unions are participating in the sponsorship of the film with another nine credit unions committed to supporting. Thanks to this effort, 80 Iowa high schools have downloaded the film and are using it in either classroom or assembly settings and the feedback is pouring in. Here's what a few of the schools had to say:

  • “It really speaks to [the students] when they are seeing what people their age think and say versus what the realistic numbers are. When they talked about the $60,000 dollar loan and how much a monthly payment was, I paused and had my students guess what it was. It surprised me to hear how off they were in their estimation and surprised them at what it really would cost them per month. I think it was an eye opener for them to understand it's easy to take out the loan, but not so easy to pay it back.”
  • “My students response to the film was amazing. The truth of the situation was very powerful for them.”
  • “I liked the statistics [the film provided] on what a loan would actually cost. I also think the interviews with college students made a huge impact on them because they were real people talking about real debt.”
  • “Everyone needs to see the film, starting with all the seniors and their parents.  Then quickly to the juniors and their parents. Also, share it with the freshmen parents at orientation. We will be working with our student(s) about this over the next four years.”
  • “I hope this is something I can continue to show to my classes every semester! I was really behind on my curriculum but I was committed to taking the time to show this to my students because I knew it was important for them to see.”
  • “It was a good video to show my students in Personal Finance. Two of our units include careers/paying for education and credit/loans. I was glad that post-secondary education was stressed as important, but a 4-year degree is not necessary for everyone. There are many good careers to pursue which do not require 4-year degrees.”
  • “No matter where you are in your curriculum or what you are teaching this is a must see for every high school student.”
  • “I am very appreciative that I was able to show this to my students for free. I am going to pass this on to our guidance counselor in hopes that it will be shown at our financial meeting next year.”
  • “Fantastic! Loved the video and wish we could get it into more schools!”

Carroll says the effect of the film is beginning to snowball.

"The feedback has been incredibly positive and more schools are looking to expand the number of times it’s shown per year and to greater numbers of both students and parents," he said.

Based on initial surveys, we’ve reached approximately 10,000 Iowa students and are barely one-third of the way through the state.

Click here if you or your credit union are interested in supporting the film.

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