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Iowa Credit Union Foundation and Local Iowa Credit Unions Pledge Support to Help Combat Rising Student Loan Debt in Iowa — 

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) and a number of Iowa credit unions have partnered with financial literacy expert Adam Carroll to help combat student loan debt in Iowa.

Iowa is ranked sixth in the nation in terms of average student loan indebtedness. Currently, 72 percent of Iowans have student loan debt with an average of $29,370 per graduate.

In his new documentary, Broke, Busted and Disgusted, Carroll, who also serves as a member of ICUF’s Board of Directors, and a group of Iowa filmmakers examine higher education and the true costs of college. Carroll’s mission is to make Iowa the most financially-literate state in the nation by changing the way people approach and understand how to finance higher education.

“We are proud to support this film in hopes of minimizing the overall borrowing by Iowa students in the spirit of our mission to help Iowans build wealth, responsibility and independence,” said Jaimie Miller, Executive Director, ICUF. “This is a must-watch film for all Iowans whether they, or their kids, are thinking about college, in college or have student loans themselves.”

Carroll and his team want to bring the film to every high school in Iowa at no cost to the school. ICUF has pledged $5,000 in support of Carroll’s cause to offer the film and provide downloadable resources for parents and students. More than 15 Iowa credit unions have pledged support as well, resulting in an additional $40,000.

"By providing the documentary to schools at no cost we'll be able to educate students about limiting the amount of debt they take on for school,” Carroll said. “We couldn't have done it without the generous assistance of Iowa credit unions and the Iowa Credit Union Foundation."

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Carroll and ICUF will host the first public screening of the documentary at the Des Moines Social Club. More than 100 attendees are expected.

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