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Scholarship Application Open for Iowa’s Money Smart Kid Contest! — 

In support of Money Smart Week, the Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) is sponsoring the Iowa Money Smart Kid Essay Contest in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

The Money Smart Kid in Iowa will be awarded a $1,000 College Savings Iowa account funded jointly by the Iowa Credit Union Foundation and the Iowa Bankers Association. The Money Smart Kid will become a spokesperson, promoting financial education during Money Smart Week (April 5 - 12) and at other times throughout the year.

Contest Qualifications
Students interested in applying for the Money Smart Kid contest must be in grades 7-11, complete an application and submit an essay (300 words or less) by midnight on March 14, answering the following question:

Any investment has a certain amount of risk and an expected return. Describe to a potential investor how investing in you (such as paying for more education) will produce a return. Please discuss types of risk the investor could face. 

Click here to download the application.

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