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ICUF Newsletter: Last Chance to Register for the 2018 Benefit Night Fundraiser  — 
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August 2018
Last Chance to Register for ICUF's Benefit Night Fundraiser

Join us Thursday, September 20 for Benefit Night. This event is ICUF's premier fundraiser of the year, which supports our mission-driven programs and celebrates the philanthropic achievements of Iowa credit union leaders.

Register here to attend the Benefit Night Fundraiser. Registration will close Friday, August 31.

Questions? Contact us at info@iowacreditunionfoundation.org
Thank you to our Benefit Night Sponsors!
Credit Union Members Impacted by Tornado in Marshalltown
In July, a tornado touched down in parts of Marshalltown, impacting city structures, businesses and homes. Credit union members homes and Lennox Employees Credit Union were impacted by the storm. ICUF staff visited the area and began to assess the needs of credit union members. After, assessing need in Marshalltown, the Iowa Credit Union League made a donation to ICUF of $25,000 for disaster grant assistance. Now, ICUF has awarded more than $25,000 in Disaster Grants. These funds have been distributed to credit union members who were displaced from their homes or had financial need for assistance following the disaster.

We stand behind the credit unions and their members in these areas and offer our support to them in their time of need.
Donate an Item to ICUF's Benefit Night Silent Auction 

Donating an item to the Benefit Night Silent Auction is a great way to support the Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF). The funds raised assist us in our ability to serve more credit unions and their members through our various grant and scholarship programs.

This year, our goal is to raise $5,000 through the ICUF Silent Auction and we know with your help we can get there! Please consider assisting us in this effort by providing a silent auction item or package valued at $50 or greater.

The silent auction will take place on Thursday, September 20 during Benefit Night. 

Click here to submit a donation.

Thank you for your consideration.
The 2018 ALICE Report is Now Available
The Iowa Credit Union Foundation has teamed up with the United Ways of Iowa and Alliant Energy to fund the 2018 ALICE Report. This report is a valuable tool gaining perspective on the growing financial struggles of Iowa's families. ALICE is an acronym that stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. These are working families that have income above the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), but cannot make ends meet each month. 

The 2018 report, just released June 26, provides a deep county-by-county analysis of ALICE families across Iowa during calendar years 2014-2016.

Below are examples of key ALICE Report findings: 
  • ALICE families live in every Iowa county - from a low of 26% in Plymouth County to a high of 52% in Decatur County; 
  • More than 30% of Iowa's household with children live below the ALICE Threshold;
  • Over 40% of Iowa's senior households qualify as ALICE
  • An individual in Iowa needs $19,500 to meet a survival budget. FPL for this individual is $11,800. 
We invite you to visit our webpage to learn more about this special report and download it for review. If you find the report of interest, you may request an in-person presentation of the data as ICUF well.

Learn more about ALICE and how credit unions can get involved at the Iowa Credit Union Convention. Be sure to add "Resources to Serve Members: An In-Depth Overview of the ALICE Report" to your breakout session agenda! 
Seeking Credit Union Partners for BankOn Central Iowa

BankOn Central Iowa is seeking credit union partners with offices in Polk, Dallas, and Warren counties. BankOn helps connect unbanked and underbanked community members in these counties with affordable financial products and services. Current credit union partners include: Des Moines Metro, Financial Plus, and Veridian. For more information contact Melissa Nordell-Earp with the City of Des Moines at 515.323.8930 or Traci Stiles with Des Moines Metro Credit Union at 515.283.4195.

Click here to learn more. 
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