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ICUF Newsletter: Unveiling of Our New Mission and Vision — 
September 2017

Iowa Credit Union Foundation Benefit Night a Success
Thank you to all who attended the 2017 Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) Benefit Night and Silent Auction! Nearly 300 individuals gathered to celebrate and honor the philanthropic impact of Iowa credit union leaders and raised more than $55,000 for the needed programs, grants and services provided by the Iowa Credit Union Foundation. Thank you for a successful night and a big thank you to our sponsors!

Save the date! The 2018 Iowa Credit Union Foundation Benefit Night is Sept. 20 during the Iowa Credit Union Convention. 

Credit Union Philanthropy Celebrated at ICUF Benefit Night
The Community Impact Award was created in 2015 to recognize individuals within the Iowa credit union movement who have demonstrated outstanding civic and charitable responsibility through volunteerism, advocacy or philanthropy in service toward community-based charitable causes.
The 2017 ICUF Community Impact Award Winners recognized at ICUF Benefit Night were:

Serve Credit Union (Established by Des Moines Police Officers)
During 2016 the Des Moines Police Department faced unfathomable tragedy with the loss of three officers. Serve Credit Union assisted the department in the creation of memorial funds to support the families of these fallen heroes.

Stefanie Rupert, CEO, Collins Community Credit Union
With Stefanie's leadership, employees of Collins Community Credit Union raised more than $18,500 in support of the March for Babies campaign and a total of $8,000 for the "casual for a cause" program.

ICUF New Mission and Vision Unveiled
This year has been a big year for ICUF. After going through strategic planning sessions, a market survey and a lot of reflection on ICUF's programs and initiatives the ICUF Board has created a mission and vision that better reflects ICUF's strategic direction. 

Mission. We empower people and communities to achieve financial well-being by championing the credit union philosophy of "people helping people."

Vision. To be the leader in facilitating collaborative initiatives and the hub for credit union philanthropy.

Check out this video to learn about ICUF's impact, history and why you should donate today!

Thank You to Our Friends of the Foundation
ICUF's new campaign encouraged attendees of the 2017 Iowa Credit Union Convention to become "Friends of the Foundation" through a charitable gift made to ICUF in honor of leaders of our credit union movement who live out the "people helping people" philosophy.

This campaign raised more than $2,000 in support of our mission based work across the state. Thank you to our Friends of the Foundation.

To see a list of donors and honorees click here.

Coming Soon! Warren A. Morrow Scholarship
The Warren A. Morrow scholarship will be opening on Friday, October 20. Applicants will be required to complete an online entry form and answer an essay question, which is designed to encourage participants to learn about the credit union movement and its mission.

Please send questions to info@iowacreditunionfoundation.org.

Thank You to Our ICUF Benefit Night Sponsors
For questions regarding any information in the newsletter, please contact Jaimie Miller at 515.221.3001.
ICUF was established in 1995. Our mission is to empower people and communities to achieve financial well-being by championing the credit union philosophy of "people helping people."
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