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 Community Investment Fund

The Community Investment Fund (CIF) funds national and state level development initiatives and is a stable source of funding for ICUF’s grant making and endowment growth.
Participating credit unions invest in a special account at the Iowa Corporate Central Credit Union or at Members United Corporate Credit Union.  

The following has been provided by the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) for investments in the CIF.  An investment to this fund directly translates to NCUF's ability to provide critical programs and grants that promote and improve consumer financial independence through credit unions. This investment also helps support the development initiatives for state leagues/foundations.

There are six options for your investment in the CIF:
  1. CIF with Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
  2. CIF with Corporate One Federal Credit Union
  3. CIF with MEMBERS Trust Company
  4. CIF with National Cooperative Bank (NCB)
  5. CIF with Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
  6. CIF with Volunteer Corporate
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