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ICUF Board of Directors

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation Board of Directors serve a three-year term. This 14-member board represents the interests of Iowa's credit unions and their 1.1 million members. Board members are elected by the Board of Directors.

The ICUF board members include:

  • Board Chair Danielle Gratton, Dupaco Community Credit Union
  • Vice Chair Ann McMillian, IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union
  • Treasurer Keith Mesch, Veridian Credit Union
  • Secretary Marian Holmes, Community 1st Credit Union
  • Jim Anderson, Des Moines Metro Credit Union
  • Mary Bontrager, Greater Des Moines Partnership
  • Adam Carroll, National Financial Educations (Adamspeaks.com)
  • Angela Drury, 1st Gateway Credit Union
  • Jordan Hensley, Peoples Credit Union
  • Jennifer Naeve, Ascentra Credit Union
  • Rebecca Neades, GreenState Credit Union 
  • Jason Norton, DuTrac Community Credit Union
  • Paula O'Rourke, Linn Area Credit Union
  • Julie Willse, PSCU


  • Jeff Hayes, North Star Community Credit Union
  • Dale Owen, Ascentra Credit Union
  • Helen Pearce, Cedar Falls Community Credit Union
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