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About Us

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) was founded in 1995.

​In 2017, ICUF went through strategic planning and created a new mission and vision to better represent their strategic directives. Check out this video to learn more.

Mission. We empower people and communities to achieve financial well-being by championing the credit union philosophy of "people helping people."

Vision. To be the leader in facilitating collaborative initiatives and the hub for credit union philanthropy.
What we do:
  • We advocate the people helping people philosophy. 
  • ​We collaborate with credit unions and community partners to provide resources for financial well-being. 
  • We invest in grants and scholarships.​

All money raised by ICUF directly supports ICUF’s work across the state.

Iowa Credit Union Foundation | 7745 Office Plaza Drive N Suite 170 | West Des Moines, Iowa 50266 | P 800.860.6180 | info@iowacreditunionfoundation.org