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Home Purchased through IDA Program

On March 22, 2010 Greater Iowa was able to step-up and make a huge difference in the lives of Karla Olson and her two young sons. Karla worked with Linda Gibbs, business development specialist at Greater Iowa, to complete all the paperwork, with the request that Karla met all the requirements and was accepted into the program.

Karla entered the IDA program to save money to pay for the closing costs on a new Habitat for Humanity home. Karla worked very hard to complete the financial education requirements and was able to save $2,000 in a little over six months and get her IDA savings matched two-for-one for an additional $4,000. Karla had saved enough to pay for her closing costs and purchase a dishwasher for her new home.

Today, Karla continues to save and is more aware of needs verses wants. Karla claims that the budgeting lessons have taught her how to use her money wisely. According to Gibbs, Karla has a very good attitude and was very dedicated to the program from the beginning. Karla wants others to know that all the hard work and financial education has made a real difference in her family’s lives.

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