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Tunnga & Achako Purchase Home through IDA Program

Tunnga is the mother of two daughters, Sawra (11) and Kosha (8), and one son Sale (6). Originally from Eritrea, she and her uncle Achako spent ten years in a refugee camp in Ethiopia before coming to the United States five years ago. Tunnga works as a meat cutter at Tyson Foods in Perry, IA. The family enjoys spending time at the park as well as barbequing, and the family also enjoys going out for pizza or ice cream when possible. The family attends Rock Power Christian Church, and the children also attend the church activities on Wednesday evenings.

Tunnga and Achako learned about the Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Program from friends who are current Habitat Homeowners. They have both worked diligently to pay off debt and save for closing costs as well as attend the required Blueprint to Homeownership classes and work sweat equity hours on the construction of Habitat houses and in the ReStore.

In addition, Tunnga enrolled in the Credit Union Family Partnership program at Veridian Credit Union. This allowed her to have her savings matched toward her home purchase. A portion of the matching funds came from United Way of Central Iowa.

When they purchase this house in December, Tunnga and Achako will be the first in their families to own a home.

Tunnga and Achako hope that they show the children by their example how to set and achieve goals and how to budget and spend money wisely. As homeowners, they anticipate the responsibility of more financial obligations and home maintenance tasks as well as the happiness and freedom that owning their own home will bring. No longer do the children have to worry about their noise level and will be free to play in their new house. Tunnga and Achako are grateful for the opportunity to purchase an affordable house, and if you have the chance to meet them, their smiles will surely show you the gratitude that is in their hearts.

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