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Elizabeth Hefel – New Homeowner through IDA Program

Dubuque, IA - Elizabeth Hefel and her four-year-old son are able to come home each day to their own home, thanks to the Iowa Credit Union Foundation’s Individual Development Account (IDA) Program and DuTrac Community Credit Union.

An IDA Program is designed to help participants strengthen their long-term finances while saving money towards an asset. IDA accounts are matched savings accounts, which include a dollar-for-dollar savings match of up to $4,000 per family and $2,000 per individual.
With matching contributions from the government and participating nonprofit organizations, families can receive up to $8,000 and individuals can receive up to $4,000 toward their IDA account.
While saving for her house through DuTrac, Elizabeth completed financial education classes, a requirement for the IDA program. Classes would cover budgeting, different types of loans, credit counseling, investing and saving. Read more here. 

(Photo Credit: Dave Kettering, Dubuque Telegraph Herald)


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