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Thanks to ICUF’s financial education consultant, Adam Carroll, ICUF has created a webinar series with presentations to help credit unions with their financial education efforts and presentations for credit unions to share with their members.

These webinars have a variety of topics including:

  • Financial Education for Hispanics
  • Demystifying Social Media – Tools & Resources for Streamlining Your Online Presence
  • Car Buying Tricks & Traps
  • Building Relationships with Schools Through Financial Education
  • Plastic Surgery – Getting Out of Debt
  • Tracking Financial Education Effectiveness
  • Planning and Paying for College
  • Raising Money Savvy Kids
  • Where Did My Money Go? Budgeting Tips and Tricks
  • Improving Your Credit Score
  • Combine Financial Education and Social Media with an Intern
  • Financial Education Best Practices

To access the archived webinars, please login to the ICUF members-only website.

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