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Financial Education Programs

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) supports the following financial education programs:

  • BizKid$ - ICUF sponsors BizKid$, a money-oriented television program geared toward Iowa’s youth.
  • Iowa Jump$tart - ICUF provides grants for teachers to attend the annual Jump$tart Financial Literacy Conference in order to help educate their high school students about financial literacy.
  • Junior Achievement - ICUF provides contributions to Iowa Junior Achievement to support its financial education efforts in K-12 classrooms.
  • Money Smart Week - ICUF helps promote Money Smart Week Iowa, a week dedicated to promoting financial literacy, every year.
  • National Endowment for Financial Education Clearinghouse - A list of classroom and self-help educational materials.
  • National Jump$tart Clearinghouse - An online library of financial education resources for anyone commited to financial smarts for students.
  • National Youth Involvement Board - Information and resources created by input from individuals working for credit unions/leagues regarding youth participation in the credit union movement.
  • Your Path to Financial Freedom - A special workbook and facilitators guide for credit union staff to serve as financial literacy instructors.



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