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“A Minute on Your Money” – Sign Up for ICUF’s New Bilingual Podcast Series!

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) is excited to launch the “A Minute on Your Money” podcast series. The podcasts feature the latest financial education tips and research from Adam Carroll, ICUF Financial Education Consultant, in an engaging and accessible format.

ICUF is dedicated to helping improve financial education communications among credit unions and their members. The podcast series was made in response to feedback ICUF received from credit unions asking for unique, financial education content.

The podcasts were designed to help listeners gain a better understanding of the essential elements of personal finance in less than two minutes. All podcast subscriptions include a marketing toolkit, complete with strategies and tactics to get word out. In addition, the series also provides credit unions with a variety of social media and website content.

Click here for a free, 30-second sample (English) of the "How Much Do I Need?" podcast.

Click here for a free, 30-second sample (Spanish) of the "Family Spending Plan" podcast.

In recent years, ICUF broadened its multimedia offerings by hosting a financial education webinar series and developing financial education CDs. The podcast series is the next step for ICUF, whose mission is to help Iowans build wealth, responsibility and independence.

When you subscribe, you’ll be given access to download all 12 podcasts. From there, ICUF encourages you to place the podcasts on your credit union’s website. This will provide website visitors with on-demand access to each episode, as well as the option to download them for later use. Each episode page includes a transcript, author bio, and related research and tips.

Bilingual podcast episodes include:

  • Getting Out of Credit Card Debt
  • Beginner’s Guide to Investing
  • How Much Do I Really Need?
  • Saving for College
  • And More!

Cost & Ordering Information
The cost for unlimited access to all 12 podcasts is $395. Small credit union discounts are available. See below:

25% discount ($10- $14.9 million in assets); 50% discount ($5- $9.9 million in assets); 75% discount ($0 - $4.9 million in assets)

Once payment has been received, you will receive an email that will include a link to the electronic files and a marketing toolkit, complete with social media posts, outreach and education ideas for your credit union to use.

Click here to download the podcast order form.

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