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Financial Education Consultant

ICUF hired Adam Carroll as the ICUF Financial Education Consultant in September of 2010. Adam provides training and technical assistance to Iowa credit unions on financial education thanks to a grant from the Northwest Area Foundation.

Adam founded National Financial Educators, a financial literacy program designed to educate college students across the country. He also published "Winning The Money Game" in 2005 and has spoken about the importance of financial education to more than 150,000 people from all age groups, income demographics and backgrounds.

For ICUF, Adam has created a series of train-the-trainer webinars on financial education topics, created financial education audio CDs, provided programs for chapter meetings and individual credit unions, created a guide on hiring an intern for social media and more. ICUF is excited to continue the partnership with Adam to create valuable resources for credit unions. 

New Car Math presented by Adam Carroll    

Contact Adam at adam@nationalfinancialeducators.com or 515.991.7146.


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