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THANKS for your generosity!

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation wishes to acknowledge the generous support of our most recent donors, whose financial contributions have greatly aided in the success of ICUF programs and initiatives. Thank you to the following individuals and our other generous contributors:

1st Gateway Credit Union
Aimee Dunn
Alliant Credit Union
Ascentra Credit Union
Capitol View Credit Union
Casbine Community CU
Casey Kramer
Cedar Falls Community Credit Union
Cedar Falls Community Credit Union
Chris Harvey
Collins Community Credit Union
Community 1st CU
Community Choice Credit Union
CUNA Mutual Group
Dale Owen
Deb Johnson
Debbie Lensmeyer
Debra Salz
Denny Siemers
Des Moines Police Officers' CU
Dupaco Community Credit Union
Dupaco Community Credit Union
Eric Wilson
Erve Wilson
Gary Schocker
Ginger Heckman
Greater Iowa Credit Union
Jeff Ackley
Joannie Bruns
Joe Hearn
Julie Wilse
Justin Hupfer
Linn Area Credit Union
Maggie Fulton
Mai-Linh Hoang
Mai-Linh Hoang
Mark Kilian
Matt Dudds
Matt Loesche
Mike Powers
Miriam De Dios
Murray Williams
North Central Iowa Chapter of Credit Unions
NW Iowa Chapter of Credit Unions
Pat and Cathy Jury
Policy Works
Premier Credit Union
Premier Lending Alliance
Premier Lending Alliance
Shazia Manus
Telco Triad Community Credit Union
Tim Perkins
Tradesmen Community Credit Union
University Of Iowa Community Credit Union
Veridian Credit Union
Zac Pollock

Thank you ICUF contributors!

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