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THANKS for your generosity!

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation wishes to acknowledge the generous support of our most recent donors, whose financial contributions have greatly aided in the success of ICUF programs and initiatives. Thank you to the following individuals and our other generous contributors:

Beckye Alexander
Jodi Allen
Kaylene Barnes
Katrina Beery
Pamela Brodsack
Chassidy Butler
Dustin Camp
Emily Caropreso
Jennifer Davis
Miriam De Dios
Robyn Dennis
Lisa Derry
Andrea Dose
Alicia Druppel
Angela Drury
Matthew Flynn
Danielle Gratton
Christina Harvey
Jessica Heuer
Stacy Hockaday
Justin Hupfer
Patrick Jury
Carrie Kompelien
Amanda Kramer
Stephanie Kreinbring
Debra Madison-Levi
Shazia Manus
Ann McMillian
Samantha Meier
Jaimie Miller
Jeanine Mixdorf
Jon Murphy
James Niederhauser
Jason Norton
Erin O'Hern
Dale Owen
Michael Powers
Sandra Robinson
Bruce Schmitz
Eric Schurr
Corey Skadburg
Georgann Smith
Tara Vanderpluym
Gerald Weeks
Jami Weems
Murray Williams
Cynthia Williams
Julie Willse
Raquel Wright
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Thank you ICUF contributors!

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