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ICUF Board of Directors

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation Board of Directors serve a three-year term. This 10-member board represents the interests of Iowa's credit unions and their nearly one million members. Board members are elected by the Board of Directors.

The ICUF board members include:

President: Dale Owen, Ascentra Credit Union, Bettendorf

Vice President: Helen Pearce, Cedar Falls Community Credit Union, Cedar Falls

Treasurer: Lana Ross, Iowa Community Action Association, Des Moines

Secretary: Angela Drury, 1st Gateway Credit Union, Camanche

Ann McMillian, IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, Moline

Danielle Gratton, Dupaco Community Credit Union, Dubuque

Srinivasa Sastri Siravuri, Veridian Credit Union, Cedar Rapids

Jason Norton, DuTrac Community Credit Union, Dubuque

Matthew Cervantes, Linn Area Credit Union, Cedar Rapids

Sara Eide, Mercy Health Network of Iowa, Des Moines


  • Jeff Hayes, North Star Community Credit Union, Cherokee
  • Jim Niederhauser, Iowa Credit Union League, Des Moines


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