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About Us

Founded in 1995, the Iowa Credit Union Foundation’s (ICUF) mission is to help Iowans build wealth, responsibility and independence, with the vision to eliminate poverty in the state of Iowa.

Strategic Directives
ICUF focuses on three strategic directives in order to help credit union members and Iowans improve their lives. The directives include:
  • Be the champions of financial literacy
  • Provide tools for sustainable small businesses
  • Give all Iowans access to financial services

Thanks to financial support from credit unions and individuals, ICUF provides a variety of grants, scholarships and programs. Our flagship program, the Credit Union Family Partnership IDA Program, is key to move Iowans out of poverty.

All money raised by ICUF directly supports ICUF’s work across the state.

Check out our video to learn more about our organization.


Iowa Credit Union Foundation | 1500 NW118th Street | Des Moines, Iowa 50325 | P 800.860.6180 | info@iowacreditunionfoundation.org